The Latest Features In Fish Shooting Game

The latest features in the highly-anticipated Ocean King Plus game are the Ghost Ship and Blackbeard the Pirate King. The features in the latest Fish Shooting Game Software, Ocean King Plus: Blackbeard the Pirate King includes:Click here for more details about เกมยิงปลา

Blackbeard the Pirate King: This is the biggest boss fight ever in a Fish Shooting game. When you shoot Blackbeard, his ghost ship swells up and the water starts to swirl around him. When a player grabs Blackbeard and throws him into a spinning cannonball, there are hundreds of Ghost Ships swarming around the screen and when he falls into the bottom of the cannonball, black smoke pours out of him and he sinks into the bottom. The Ghost ships continue to attack until they hit the bottom where they explode.

Blackbeard the Ghost Ship: The Ghosts are the main enemies of Blackbeard and he is fighting them as well. If you shoot Blackbeard while he is on the Ghost Ship, he will go down and the Ghost ship will disappear. When a player shoots the Ghost Ship, it will send out a shock wave that damages the enemies.

The Blackbeard the Ghost Ship can also be controlled by a mouse and keyboard player and there are controls available in the software for the player to switch between a keyboard and a mouse mode. Another option is the Blackbeard in a ship and that will require a joystick input from the keyboard player.

When you are playing Blackbeard the Pirate King, you can choose the different types of equipment that are available to equip and use like the sword, the helmet, the cannon, the cannons, the pistols, and also the machine gun. The player has the choice to choose from all these equipments and buy and install them to increase his capabilities as an elite pirate.

Other types of weapons and other equipment that are found in the game such as the crossbow, the hook, and the bombs can be acquired by buying them online and can also be obtained by doing a search for them in the computer or a game store. There are many levels where you have to complete them so that you can beat the high scores and to get your name on the World Wide Web. Best list for the month. This game is not only entertaining but also educational for the young boys who are interested in being pirates.

Author: Jony